Tuesday 3 May 2016
Railway Safety / Level Crossings

Invitation to take part in international conference as part of ILCAD 2016

“How to improve safety at and around level crossings”

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To celebrate ILCAD 2016, LDz (Latvian Railways), OLE (Operation Lifesaver Estonia) and UIC are most happy to invite you to Riga on 10 June 2016 to take part in the international conference “How to improve safety at and around level crossings” with experts from different sectors and countries and to a technical visit on 11 June 2016 in Tallinn.

The event will start on 10 June at 09:30 in Riga with a press conference followed by presentations and close at around 16:00 (see programme).

The conference will be simultaneously interpreted in Latvian, English and Russian.

The main topics to be discussed to launch the 8th edition of ILCAD worldwide are: Engineering, Education/Awareness, Enforcement but also human behaviour, inspection, risk assessment, evaluation, cooperation between the railways and the road infrastructure managers, local authorities, the media.

The 2016 edition will be focusing on safety at level crossings involving “Senior citizens and persons with sensory and mobility restrictions”.

To officially register by 16 May 2016 please use this hyperlink:


To book accommodation in Riga and Tallinn please refer to the list of hotels.

Should you wish to organise activities around ILCAD in your country please contact fonverne@uic.org. A questionnaire on statistics to be filled in was previously sent to ILCAD partners, all available information will be published on our website http://www.ilcad.org/Participants-2016.html

We all look forward to meeting you on 10-11 June in Riga and/or Tallinn and wish you a pleasant and safe trip.

For further information please contact Isabelle Fonverne: fonverne@uic.org

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