Tuesday 31 May 2016
Railway Research

Third Edition of the UIC Global Rail Research & Innovation Awards

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Rail transport faces huge present and future challenges for which innovation and step changes are necessary. As UIC’s overall mission is to promote an increased use of rail transport at world level and to help members to make rail transport more attractive, effective, sustainable and economically viable, the General Assemblies have brought their strong support to the ambitious programme of the UIC’s International Railway Research Board (IRRB), as well as its initiative to set up the UIC Rail Research & Innovation Awards. The first two editions of the awards took place in 2012 and 2014.

Late November 2016 will be the occasion of the third edition of the award ceremony for the UIC Global Research & Innovation Awards.

Through these awards, UIC aims to support and promote the following:

  • Development of theoretical, experimental and applied research in railway transport
  • Development process of international cooperation in this field
  • Promotion and attraction of leading experts from different countries, research institutes, universities, railway operators, infrastructure managers, railway suppliers, passenger transport organisations, governmental bodies in charge of transport and individual researchers to address the most important problems and challenges of modern railways
  • Global recognition of the role of single researchers and research groups in order to establish rail as the sustainable backbone of the transportation system which is cost-efficient, reliable, safe and secure and therefore will become the mode of choice for passengers and freight forwarders

As well as to:

  • Support and encourage gifted young researchers, stimulate their research work in the sphere of railway transport, prepare a new generation of researchers, lay the foundations for future innovative development of railway transport and attract young researchers in the sphere of railway transport as well as to support the creation of favourable conditions for scientific discoveries and innovative achievements involving young researchers

And to honour those persons who have spent their lifetime trying to innovate and improve the railway system and its services – the Lifetime Achievement Award

The first official award ceremony was held in Paris on the occasion of the UIC General Assembly on 11 December 2012, during which we also celebrated the 90th anniversary of the founding of UIC and international cooperation between members within our association.

In the autumn of 2015, UIC started communicating about the Third Call for Applications for the Award. Submission can be uploaded to the dedicated UIC hosted website http://uic-innovation-awards.org/ until 1 September 2016.

Applications for the UIC Innovation Awards are being invited from rail transport operators, infra- structure managers, rail research institutes and academia specialised in rail research, the rail supply industry, passenger transport (user)organisations, public transport authorities as well as individual researchers. Any organisations or individuals who feel they have contributed to the innovation of the railway system through their research activities are welcome to apply. There is one condition: the results of the research project need to have been tested, demonstrated and proven beneficial in actual service.

Submissions for the UIC Innovation Awards for rail research leading to innovations with proven implementation can be made within six categories. These are:

  • Safety & Security (including signalling issues)
  • Sustainable Development (including energy, noise, vibration, emission issues)
  • Rail System Technology (rolling stock, infra-structure and interaction)
  • Rail Freight Services
  • Customer Services (incl. new business models)
  • Cost Reduction (increasing competitiveness)

As mentioned above, there are two other – honorary – categories: Young Researchers and Lifetime Achievement

Applicants are requested to submit their application by using the online standard format which can be found on the dedicated UIC website http://uic-innovation-awards.org/

Additional information can be forwarded via email to the address of the IRRB secretariat schut@uic.org no later than 31 August 2016!

When selecting the laureates for the awards the jury will base its decisions on the following criteria:

  • Innovation should be of an industry-wide nature (should be able to be applied globally)
  • Innovation should lead to the increase in efficiency or cost reductions for the railway companies
  • The innovation should have a clear practical and demonstrated value

The jury will consist of members of the International Railway Research Board (IRRB) (bringing together high-level representatives of the leading railway research institutes around the world) with the advice of technical experts from their organisation.

The winners in each of the six categories will be invited to the UIC Rail Research & Innovation Award ceremony in St-Petersburg or Moscow (to be confirmed) – possibly on 30 November – and will be offered the official award and certificate as well as prize money. The winners of the two honorary categories will also be invited to the ceremony to receive their award and certificate of honour.

For further information please visit the dedicated website: http://uic-innovation-awards.org/

Or contact Dennis Schut: schut@uic.org

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