Tuesday 31 May 2016
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Meeting of the Working Group to update UIC Leaflet 930

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On 23 and 24 May, the Working Group on the Update of UIC Leaflet 930 held a two-day meeting at Adif offices in Madrid, aiming to adapt the document to the latest progress on the topic of energy consumption information exchange.

UIC leaflet 930 “Exchange of data for cross-border railway energy settlement” was published in November 2009, within the framework of the Energy Billing Project.

The main purposes of UIC leaflet 930 are to:

  • Describe the processes and protocols used for the exchange of energy consumption data between Infrastructure Managers, which by respecting existing national systems thereby contribute to an improvement in European railway sector interoperability.
  • Define the technical requirements for the checking and verification of this data.
  • Allow Railway Undertakings to identify their genuine energy consumption and therefore pay exactly what is consumed; associate the consumption of each train to the bill and the energy price (including existing models) which will finally lead to energy savings.

Over 30 participants, representing main European railways, joined the two-day meeting discussing the possible options for updating the digital language used for communications, the role model included in the leaflet and other topics related to the exchange of information on electricity consumption in tunnels and borders.

The working group set a plan for the next meetings analysing the different aspects of the update and the possibilities of converting the leaflet into an International Railway Standard (IRS).

For further information about next meetings please contact Gabriel Castañares Hernández, Senior Advisor on Energy and CO2: castanares@uic.org

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