Tuesday 14 June 2016
Rail Freight / International Conference

8 days until the 5th Global Rail Freight Conference!

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In a world dominated by international trade, the organisation of an international conference on rail freight will be an opportunity to better understand the issue of major international corridors.

In an economy where the search for synergy is crucial, the GRFC event held in Rotterdam will shed multimodal light on the logistical needs of customers and markets.

In an environment open to technological developments, how will the digital revolution impact interoperability which is so vital to international trade?

So many questions and answers from sector experts will make this conference in Rotterdam rich and interactive.

Over 200 participants are already registered to the 5th UIC Global Rail Freight Conference.

8 days only before the opening of the 5th edition of the Global Rail Freight Conference – don’t miss it!

Please register here: http://www.grfc2016.com/registration/

For further information please contact:

UIC Communications Department: Barbara Mouchel, mouchel@uic.org or com@uic.org

GRFC Project Manager: Sandra Gehenot, UIC Freight Senior Advisor, gehenot@uic.org

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