Tuesday 14 June 2016
High Speed Rail / China

Railway Cooperation and Development Summit to be held in Beijing with joint efforts of China Railways and UIC

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In line with the “Modern Railways 2016” trade exhibition to be organised by China Railways in Beijing in June, the “Railway Cooperation and Development Summit” will be held with the joint efforts of CR and UIC. High level representatives from UIC, CR, Chinese government and other Asian railway members as well as the supply industry will discuss infrastructure interoperability, international cooperation, globalisation of the industry, etc., to tackle the increasing demand for international mobility in this region.

Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of UIC, will attend the summit and make a keynote speech. Mr Ignacio Barron, Director of UIC Passenger High Speed and Department, Mr Andrew McNaughton, Chairman of UIC Intercity and High Speed Committee and Technical Director of HS2, Mr Michel Leboeuf, Honorary Chairman of UIC Intercity and High Speed Committee, will join the Round Table discussions.

On 22 June, UIC Intercity and High Speed Committee will hold its plenary meeting in Beijing, for the first time in Asia, due to the fact that high speed development has shifted from Europe to Asia. China now boasts 60% of the world’s total high speed railway in terms of both traffic and length. Around 30 members have confirmed their attendance to the plenary meeting.

The programme of these events is available here:


For further information please contact Inaki Barron, UIC Director Passenger and High Speed Department:


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