Tuesday 19 July 2016
Data Modelling

7th combined RailTopoModel and railML® conference – Paris, November 3rd, 2016

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The RailTopoModel, led by UIC with major contributions from multiple Infrastructure Managers and Industry, has now become an open, free industry standard. It is laid down in IRS30100, which is provisionally available for download on www.railtopomodel.org. It will soon be available from the UIC website, adding up to the growing collection of International Railway Solution (which is what IRS stands for).

In this conference, several infrastructure managers will expose their current, concrete steps in setting up data repositories for planning, operation or asset management purposes. Beyond practical design aspects, for which IRS30100 an effective basis, emphasis will be laid on the strategic advantages of developing single, consistent, extensible infrastructure data architectures.

In the feasibility study conducted in 2013, several business case were identified, with infrastructure description (for Network statements and RINF) and interlocking being on the top of the list. In 2016, the corresponding RailTopoModel extensions are close to being delivered. The matching railML®3 open data exchange format has now reached its last stage of development, into which the conference will provide you early insights. Longer term developments will also be presented.

As RailTopoModel and railML®3 are understood as a complete set of practical, reliable solutions, we will also present the certification manual for applications using railML®3, and one instance of certified, open source software able to check railML®3 files for correctness, namely railVIVID.

Several ongoing European projects are based on railML®3 data formats, which is a prelude to an expected wider adoption, based on business advantages.
Download the conference agenda and register for the conference at http://www.railml.org/en/event-reader/id-7th-uic-railtopomodel-conference.html. Participation at the conference is free, but early registration is recommended, as the number of seats is limited.

Infrastructure Managers, operation planners, industry suppliers, software development companies and all potential users are welcome to join our 7th conference, combining RailTopoModel, railML®3 and their business environment.

For further information please contact Airy Magnien: magnien@uic.org

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Previous editions of the conference