Tuesday 2 August 2016
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Germany: New product ideas and digital applications for the future of regional traffic

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DB Regio is adopting a pioneering approach. In cooperation with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Südostbayernbahn (SOB) is developing an innovation train at Mühldorf am Inn in order to test new designs of products and combine them with digital applications. The new designs were developed over the course of about a year, then continually further developed, introduced and tested by the customers. The well known Design Bureau Neomind, together with the SOB project team, put the different products and service designs together to form a continuous design approach.

DB Regio are basing the new product designs on customer wishes which were established by market research, as for example, functional work and telephone areas, new space concepts, as well as screened quiet areas. Moreover, DB Regio are experimenting with new technology for customer information systems, simple ticketing solutions, optimised seating and standing comfort, as well as an improved catering offer. In addition digital technologies will be integrated into the journey and an on-board entertainment system with a digital tour guide will be available. A further digital application which DB Regio would like to integrate into the innovation train is ‘Augmented & Virtual Reality’, for example, by means of digital window panes. In addition, information of the points of interest during the journey will be directly displayed on the window pane. When passing through tunnels a three dimensional virtual world can be animated.

With Hyperloop and their community on our side we have a strong development partner for digital technology to integrate such new ideas and innovative prototypes in the train

said Christoph Kraller, Managing Director of SOB.

Also with the setting up of a digital tour guide the cooperation with Hyperloop as the driving force is very forward looking for us and we are very proud of this

emphasised Mr Kraller.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is at present developing a high speed train in the USA which will transport passengers to their destination at close on 1,200 kilometres per hour in a vacuum tube. Now CEO, Dirk Ahlborn would like to enthuse railway customers and his community of start ups, innovative firms and universities for the DB innovation train.

The cooperation with Deutsche Bahn is particularly important for us, for it is only in this way that we can test a prototype in a real operating situation with customers and passengers. For future mobility projects it is not just us who profit but also Deutsche Bahn who can, for example, derive and develop ideas for new generations of vehicles

said Mr Ahlborn.

As the driving force behind the project SOB is working closely with the d.lab, the innovation laboratory of Deutsche Bahn for passenger traffic, which is both partner for the development of prototypes as well as initiator for digital applications during a train journey. Also involved is the project team of the DB Regio train laboratory in Miltenberg. The team has already gained a lot of experience in testing new product designs in the past and will apply this in the innovation train.

(Source: DB)

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