Tuesday 27 September 2016
International Cooperation

UIC participated in the 120th anniversary celebrations of MIIT (Moscow Institute of Railway Technology)

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On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of MIIT (Moscow Institute of Railway Technology), UIC participated in the panel of international guests which included other university partners in Asia and Europe.

MIIT was created by Nicolas II and has trained several generations of railwaymen and women who have helped to develop the railways – in particular in Russia.

An agreement has been in place between UIC and MIIT since March 2013 to help develop thematic conferences, training sessions, and to involve the research section of MIIT in several projects of the UIC Asia-Pacific region.

As part of these celebrations, an agreement with the SSZD (Union of Railway Constructors) was signed to extend the field of expertise in the areas of research, infrastructure, design and construction.

Moreover, UIC also took part in two thematic workshops. One of these was a high-level workshop on sustainable mobility in which Mr Loubinoux was able to remind the audience of all the commitments undertaken by the railway community as part of the declaration signed during the COP21 event, as well as UIC’s involvement in the work of the United Nations and in the preparation of COP22.

Another conference focusing on international training was led by Nathalie Amirault, Head of Training within the Department of Fundamental Values at UIC.

During his stay in Moscow, Mr Loubinoux also had the opportunity to meet the directors of RZD in order to better prepare all the events that will be the subject of our next General Assembly which will take place in December in Saint-Petersburg.

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