Tuesday 10 January 2017
Asset Management

UIC Asset Management Working Group publishes the UIC Railway Application Guide for practical implementation of asset management through ISO 55001

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The UIC Railway Application Guide provides practical guidance to railway infrastructure managers who wish to improve their existing Asset Management capability. The application guide is based on the global standard on Asset Management, the ISO 55000 series, which is being widely adopted by railways and other asset-intensive companies around the world.

The document has been produced by the UIC Asset Management Working Group which has representatives from 11 European national railways. The motivation to produce the document derives from an aspiration to help railways operate at their full potential, in terms of providing customers and funders with a safe, quality service that is demonstrably value for money. It is based on the conviction that Asset Management is the only system-wide approach that has the breadth, depth and whole-life focus necessary to help infrastructure managers to realise this potential.

More specifically, the document provides a common framework for how key decisions are taken on operating, maintaining, renewing and enhancing the railway infrastructure, and how these decisions are justified, implemented and assured. It also provides a railway interpretation for each of the requirements in ISO 55001 and specifies the evidence required to demonstrate compliance with the standard. The primary purpose of the document is to enable better Asset Management but it will also provide valuable support to those seeking certification to the standard.

The application guide has been produced at a time when railways are starting to match the adoption of Asset Management seen in other asset intensive sectors over a number of years. The UIC Asset Management Working Group believes that railways should be leaders in the discipline given the size and complexity of the infrastructure, the scale of investment needed to sustain and improve services, and the national importance of infrastructure in supporting a productive economy. The Working Group also hopes that the guidance will accelerate the consistent implementation of Asset Management among the members and that railways will be at the forefront of future developments in the subject.

The Railway Application Guide can be found at the following link:

For further information please contact Teodor Gradinariu, Senior Technical Advisor:


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