Tuesday 21 March 2017

Three weeks until the UIC Railway Asset Management Conference

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The Asset Management Sector within the International Union of Railways (UIC), together with the Asia-Pacific Region, will organise an International Conference dedicated to Asset Management in Brisbane, Australia from 6-7 April 2017.

The conference will be organised in conjunction with AMPEAK 2017, the Australian professional Association on Asset Management, and aims to enable an open, relevant and comprehensive exchange of information, between railway members, showing the results of the UIC Asset Management Working Group.

The dissemination of the recently issued “ISO 55001 Application Guide for Railway Infrastructure Organisations” will be one of the main subjects, whose main objectives are to:

  • Explain the context of ISO 55001 and the relevance of an Asset Management System;
  • Explain each requirement of ISO 55001, within a railway context, and suggest evidence requirements or ‘artefacts’ that can be used to support the seeking of compliance with or certification to ISO 55001;
  • Provide an outline of the sequential approach to implementation of ISO 55001 and to assist railway organisations in preparing for a certification audit.
  • UIC provides a strong platform for worldwide exchange in Asset Management, for our members and mainly for the railway industry, for new and experimented staff, in this discipline.
  • We expect to hear the latest developments across the Asset Management world, with speakers from outside the railway sector and from different continents to enrich the knowledge and experience of participants.

UIC is pleased to invite your representatives to attend the conference.
We look forward to your attendance at this interesting conference.

Programme: http://events.uic.org/IMG/pdf/programme-2.pdf

More info at: http://events.uic.org/uic-railway-asset-management-conference-6-7-april-2017-brisbane-australia

For further information please contact Teo Gradinariu, Senior Advisor Rail System Department: gradinariu@uic.org

Or Béatrice Ségéral, Senior Advisor Institutional Relations:


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