Tuesday 21 March 2017

China: Wuhan Railway Administration eliminates hidden dangers for safer environment along railways

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As in spring residents living along railways often fly kites and discard disposable plastic films and other light objects, which often pose safety risks on the OCL and railway power supply, Wuhan Railway Administration recently organised relevant units to carry out in-depth investigation and treatment, strengthen precautions and ensure the safe operation of railways.

Wuhan Railway Administration strengthened study and judgment on safety risks for high-speed lines, busy trunk lines and key areas, carried out timely and decisive early warning, and took pre-control measures to create a safe environment along the railway. At the same time, the administration organised depots of transport, locomotive, track maintenance, communication and signalling, power supply and other units to focus on eliminating hidden dangers posed by the damage or collapsing, wide gaps, loose sealing and uneven heights on the inside or outside of railway safety protection facilities in accordance with the division of responsibilities; check whether the facilities are in line with the standards of “three proofs” and whether warning signs on protective nets are complete; and inspect the observances of crossing facilities standards, operating standards, day-to-day management and emergency response programme. In addition, it inspected the observance of locomotive crew working standards, prioritising seven key links, namely lookout, whistling, joint control, speed control, brake use, reporting and searching, checked whether there are garbage, waste dumped by residents, scattered plastic films, hanging or floating objects at stations and on both sides of track security zones and gave limited time to eliminate the risks and dangers.

In addition, the administration also strictly implemented the system of routine inspection of track security zones, safety risk information reporting system and safety risk analysis system, and improved emergency response mechanism. It established a mechanism to communicate with local departments and joint prevention and control mechanism in working with community (sub-district), carried out joint treatment of hidden risks and publicity of railway regulations and knowledge and enhanced the awareness of residents living along the railway to protect the lines.

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