Tuesday 21 March 2017

Korean-French Railway Component Manufacturers Expo co-hosted by KORAIL and SNCF

21 corporate participants from both countries, bringing about more active railway cooperation

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Korean-French Railway Component Manufacturers Expo, co-hosted by KORAIL (CEO, Hong, soon-man) and French state-owned railroad company, SNCF (CEO, Guillaume Pepy) was held at KORAIL headquarters in Daejeon from 8 – 9 March.

The expo, which aims to introduce good railway component manufacturers in Korea and France, and strengthen cooperation between railroad operators and manufacturers, brought together some 120 participants from 25 institutions and companies.

The participants of the expo were railroad operators of both countries, including KORAIL, SNCF, Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, and Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation as well as railroad vehicle and component manufacturers of both countries, including seven French companies such as Anvis Industry and seven Korean businesses, including Hyundai Rotem and Yoojin Engineering. During the expo, component manufacturers were introduced, showcase booths operated and numerous meetings took place between operators and manufacturers.

With the introduction of quality railroad component manufacturers, KORAIL expects that the expo will promote active exchanges and progress in the railroad industry between our two countries. In particular, this event is seen as a great opportunity for Korea’s quality railway component manufactures to make an entry into overseas markets, such as Europe.

KORAIL CEO Hong, soon-man commented that the expo will provide an opportunity to improve the maintenance quality and competitiveness of railroad operators and enhance the technology capability of small businesses by providing export support, thereby contributing to the growth of the railroad industry as a whole.

(Source: KORAIL)

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Railway industry representatives including Kim, Chun-soo (KORAIL Senior Executive Director, Business Development HQ) and Diaz Diego (SNCF International President) look around the showcase booth
Diaz Diego, President of French SNCF International, delivering a congratulatory speech