Tuesday 21 March 2017

Third Conference on Rail Telecoms to be held from 17 – 18 May 2017 at Paris Headquarters

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The International Union of Railways (UIC) is organising in cooperation with the Railway Operational Communications – Industry Group (ROC-IG) the Third Conference on Rail Telecoms, from 17 – 18 May 2017 at Paris Headquarters.

Over 200 participants from several countries from the areas of telecoms and signalling domains, authorities and standardisation bodies, railways and rail transport experts and strategy decision makers are expected to attend this third international conference.

This edition will be the first to deal with the transition from GSM-R to FRMCS: On track for Evolution and Convergence aims to meet the current needs as well as new features enabling rail to evolve towards digitalisation. It aims at enabling open, relevant and comprehensive exchange of information.

The programme of the Third World GSM-R Conference On Rail Telecoms will be as follows:

  • Session 1: Setting the scene
    with keynote speakers from UIC, EU, ERA, ETSI, ROC IG
  • Session 2: From Network to Applications
    Managing Rail Assets and allowing evolution from vertical to horizontal Rail Transport Applications.
  • Session 3: An Intelligent Transport Ecosystem
    The Smart Transport challenge will address the passenger’s experience through the whole chain of the Transport System.
  • Session 4: At the heart of the technological evolution of the Rail Transport System
    From GSM-R to an IP based Rail Transport System. Rail System will have to support the transition from GSM-R to various Radio Access Technologies while covering the users’ expectations.
  • Session 5: Seeking for Convergence
    Embrace the synergies based on technical as well as Geographical Convergence.
  • Session 6: Managing the Transition
    Introducing new applications as required by the modern Rail Transport System while building on existing interoperability experience and future EU legal framework to achieve it.
  • Session 7: Ensuring Service Continuity
    Guaranteeing the Continuity of Service, ensuring Cybersecurity, allowing Failsafe Redundancies.
  • Session 8: Closing Session

A suppliers’ exhibition with advertising booths will be arranged during the event.

We look forward to meeting you at the conference!

You can find more information on the conference website: www.gsmr-conference.com
Or contact:

Mouna Bennouna: bennouna@uic.org

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