Tuesday 2 May 2017

The 22nd edition of the CineRail international railway corporate film competition will be organised by UIC with Portuguese Railways in Lisbon

Save the date: 27 – 29 November 2017

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A unique opportunity to present professionals and the public with the latest corporate film productions from all over the world

The 22nd edition of the CineRail international railway corporate film competition will be held from 27 – 29 November 2017 in Lisbon.
This festival, which constitutes a reference for discovering new railway films at global level, will be organised by UIC in close cooperation with the CineRail association, UIC Members, and a number of external partners. UITP, the world association of public transport, has confirmed its support for this new edition.

This edition will follow the 21st CineRail international corporate film competition held in December 2015 at UIC Headquarters in Paris.
The Golden CineRail for Corporate Communications had rewarded the film “Routes into Rail: What I Have Always Wanted” (produced for RSSB, United Kingdom).
The CineRail Grand Prix had rewarded the film “A Carruagem” (The Carriage) from Portugal (action in Lisbon Underground).

The CineRail international corporate film competition

The CineRail corporate film competition provides a unique opportunity to present professionals (from the railways and public transport sphere, the film production and communications world, the media and various institutions) as well as the public at large, with a selection of best films and audiovisual content commissioned by railway companies, industries, the public transport sector and institutions involved in transport matters.
It provides an overview of the quality and excellence of film productions dealing with railway issues in different parts of the world.

An international jury will have the task of evaluating the quality and effectiveness of the films and audiovisual content presented and deciding on the awards. In December 2015, two awards were attributed: the Golden CineRail for Corporate Film, and the Corporate Jury’s Special Mention.

Register your recent film and audiovisual productions!

The two-day programme of the CineRail Corporate film festival will consist of the presentation of the film selection in a cinema in Lisbon. The film selection will be made with the support of the CineRail association which brings together a number of specialists from the film and audiovisual world.

As of next month (May), UIC will start to collect films and audiovisual content from UIC members, public transport companies, railway manufacturers, transport authorities, and media dealing with rail transport and the railway world, as well as other potential participants whose productions should be related to the railway field.

The films and audiovisual content registered may cover the following fields:

- Corporate or institutional communications, also short videos for internet,
- Lobbying campaigns on sustainability, climate change, etc.
- Publicity, advertising (TV commercials, etc.)
- Training of staff in all disciplines,
- Safety and safe behaviour (prevention of accidents, follow-up of accidents for railway staff, level crossing safety, education of population, children, on risks)
- Security and security risks,
- Historic heritage of railways,
- Promotion of the railway sector in general,
- Short documentaries related to the railways…

Technical specifications for transmission of the films (address, format…) will be specified shortly.

CineRail can definitively be considered as a show-window for the quality and effectiveness of the communications policy of UIC Members and of all actors involved in the rail sector in all parts of the world.

For any additional information please contact Paul Véron, Director, Relations with Members and Partner Organisations, CineRail Vice Chairman:


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