Tuesday 16 May 2017

Chinese Taipei: TRA Train Step-less Project increases safety and convenience for passengers aboard

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In order to increase boarding quality for passengers, TRA is making efforts to remove the steps for 1,351 cars by 2020 in an attempt to reduce the gap between the cars and platforms. This action allows passengers to better enjoy barrier-free environment by boarding and disembarking the trains without taking any steps, largely raising the safety and convenience for passengers aboard.

With hundred-year operation history, the platforms constructed at early stage were as high as 76 cm. Such height forces passengers to take an extra two steps to board and disembark the trains.

In order to provide better transport service and in line with the trend of aging society, TRA started to eliminate the gap between car and platform in 2001. However, the gap of 30 cm in height cannot be removed with a one-stage project. Considering that transport operation cannot be suspended, this step-less project is implemented with two stages. The first stage was completed in 2011 in which the stairs for all passenger cars are reduced to one step.

It is estimated that the second stage will be carried out by 2020. At that time, a total of 1,351 passenger cars will become step-less.

(Source: TRA)

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