Tuesday 11 July 2017

Successful 1st Suppliers’ Day held on 5 July 2017 in Paris

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This 1st UIC Suppliers’ day was jointly organised by the UIC Finance team, the UIC Communications team, the Chief Digital Officer, Mr Francis Bedel and the Quality manager, Mrs Oana Patraulescu and took place at UIC HQ on 5 July 2017.

The event brought together several suppliers who provide UIC with many types of services such as printing, images, IT, videos, catering, photos and also new potential suppliers.

The purpose of this day was to mobilise UIC suppliers (current or potential) on the main challenges that UIC will face in the future, the propects of co-construction and innovation and quality issues.

Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, gave a welcome speech explaining the importance of suppliers for UIC:

UIC’s vision for the 21st century is for transport to be increasingly integrated and interactive.
We need to work in partnership and synergy with our members, other modes of transport, our partners, institutional and financial bodies, academics, politicians, and with our suppliers.
We have numerous suppliers across a large and varied sector of activity. The quality approach that we are implementing can also be extended to our customer-supplier relations, starting with the communications sector which represents around 25 suppliers, providing 75 different types of service for UIC.
Exchange, dialogue and greater mutual understanding will enable a quality charter to be developed for all products and services as well as for contractual processes.

Mrs Oana Patraulescu, Quality Manager, talked about the quality issues.
Mrs Marie Plaud, UIC Director of Communications, presented the main missions of UIC to be promoted by the Communications department.

This 1st Suppliers’ day was the opportunity for current UIC suppliers to meet and exchange together as well as with new potential ones. They gave a small presentation on their activity and what they have done for UIC. UIC wishes to establish long-lasting and balanced business relations with them.

Mrs Oana Patraulescu pronounced the final words with Mr Thierry Bera, UIC Finance Director. They emphasised the value of a good and professional relation with the suppliers. This event was a first step to allow the development of a future Quality Charter.

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