Tuesday 26 September 2017

UIC Digital Days in Rome: Asset Digitalisation and Cybersecurity

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On 18 and 19 September, UIC held the second edition of UIC Digital Days.

The event was hosted in Rome at the kind invitation of FS and sponsored by MERMEC (Platinum) and IBM (Gold).

Two major issues for digital were widely debated:

  • Asset digitalisation
  • Cybersecurity

The event was totally successful with:

  • Over 200 participants
  • 12 nationalities represented from Europe, Middle-East, Asia; Africa and among them USA FBI, CES...
  • 25 speakers delivering presentations

High-level personalities actively participated in this major event.

Major companies such as MERMEC, IBM, SPLUNK, COSMO presented their approaches and strategies regarding the related items.

The seminar ended with a ceremony to award the winners of a hackathon organised by FS.
The two winners were congratulated by Renato Mazzoncini for their most innovative results.

In his conclusions, Mr Mazzoncini, CEO FS and UIC Chairman, highlighted the key strategic digital issues. Rail has to be able to innovate and to respond to the new demands of our customers regarding mobility.
Cybersecurity has to be considered a high-level priority for rail sector regarding potential dangers that might occur.
Mr Mazzoncini mentioned his satisfaction considering the success of this event. He said that digital technology can be disruptive in all areas of the railways, interfacing with other modes, as demonstrated by the hackathon.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux concluded these two intensive days by highlighting the current and crucial correlation between Asset digitalisation and Cybersecurity.

UIC represents one million trains per day on one million km of infrastructure: that is the size of our business, of our opportunities, as well as our risks.

We have to accompany and support the Digital revolution with the five following actions: compare, coordinate, collect, connect and control!
During these few days, we shared, connected but above all, we opened and that is the only way forward.

However powerful the machine, humans will always be stronger than any system.
To be efficient digital has to be controlled by human intelligence.
UIC, as a technical platform, is also there to convey this message.
Mr Loubinoux concluded by announcing his decision to design an internet portal dedicated to Digital to help to share all presentations and materials with UIC Members.

For further information please contact Francis Bedel, Chief Digital Officer:


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