Tuesday 10 October 2017

Railway Talents looks forward to partnering SNCF’s MoveTech Challenge

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UIC’s Railway Talents Programme supports MoveTech, an international contest launched by SNCF and dedicated to the transformation of mobility

“We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.” Some years ago, this phrase pronounced by the American investor and entrepreneur, Peter Thiel, sounded like a death warrant for the future. It was the end of our childhood dreams, driven away by our much less poetic obsession for communication. Thiel did not choose the example of flying cars by accident: from 1900’s postcards imagining the year 2000, to flying engines in science-fiction movies, mobility has always been one of the highest points of our futuristic fantasies.

Only, the thing is, we still believe strongly in the future. And we know that there is a ton of things to invent to transform mobility. That is why SNCF, the French National Railway Company, is launching MoveTech, the first international competition dedicated to solutions to improve daily commute.

Your Mission

MoveTech is an open innovation contest for dreamers and visionaries. Start-ups, students, freelancers, SNCF members: you have a prototype or a concept that answers to the issues of commute and travel, whatever the distance or means (individual or collective commute, travel alone or carpool)? We’re interested in hearing your ideas!

You have until 15 October, 11:59 pm to submit an idea on one of these four themes:

  • computing and motion planning
  • personalised services
  • interactive and fluid experience
  • and other challenges of daily journeys

SNCF will make the necessary mobility data and APIs available.

Selected projects will be supervised and the best of them will be awarded according to their efforts and the relevance of their solution.

We are convinced that agility and creativity are the best driving forces to keep on believing in the future.

With MoveTech, Railway Talents is happy to support SNCF’s betting on the talent of those who want to build tomorrow’s mobility. We are impatient to meet you!

Are you interested?

Please submit your project here:


Zakaryae Boudi, Economic Development and African Region Advisor:


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