Tuesday 14 November 2017

11th UIC Noise Workshop held in Paris on 14 November 2017

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The International Railway Organisation, UIC, is holding the 11th UIC Noise Workshop in Paris on 14 November 2017. Around 80 participants are gathered today at UIC for this annual event.

This event is focusing on the latest issues at European level for the management of railway noise and vibration. Topics will include application of the Noise TSI to existing wagons & ‘silent sections’, funding and progress for retrofitting, REFIT of the Environmental Noise Directive & forthcoming guidance on noise from the World Health Organisation (WHO) & appropriate noise metrics in addition to the new UIC State of the Art report for the Management of Railway Vibration.

As in previous years, speakers are invited to represent the major stakeholders, including UIC, CER, European Commission (DG MOV & DG ENV), WHO working groups. External views from outside the railway noise world will also be sought.
Opportunities are provided for participants to ask questions directly to European Commission policy officers and other key stakeholders as well as to discuss the current issues.

Here are the main themes developed throughout the day as well as the speakers taking the floor:

EU rail noise policy with Marcin Wojcik, Policy Officer DG MOV, Marco Paviotti Policy Officer DG ENV, Kamil Pravdík Project Officer ERA, Libor Lochman, Executive Director CER.

Impact of quieter routes to the business: Operators reflection with Michael Müller, Euro Fleet Mang. DB Cargo.

Noise assessment with Martin van den Berg, Chiaramonte Noise and Transport Consult & WHO noise working group, Paul de Vos, Satis, Pierre Etienne Gautier, Systra.

Research and development with Alf Ekblad, Trafikverket and chair of the UIC Vibration Expert Network, Paul de Vos, Satis, Baldrik Faure, SNCF, Professor Bas Haring, Leiden University, Nick Craven, UIC, Jakob Oertli, Chairman Noise Expert Network & SBB.

Consult the Railway Induced Vibration Report: https://uic.org/noise

For further information please contact Marie-Luz Philippe, Advisor for Sustainable Development and UIC African Region:


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