Tuesday 21 November 2017

Japan: “Life-Style Service Business Growth Vision (NEXT10)”

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Established 30 years ago, the JR East Group aims to be a corporate group that energises regions, energises Japan, and continues growing beyond 2020 under the “TICKET TO TOMORROW” slogan.

Therefore, with a view to further accelerating the provision of high-quality services that repay the trust of customers and meet their expectations, with its sights set on the coming 10 years, the JR East Group has established “Life-Style Service Business Growth Vision (NEXT10).”

Summary of “Life-Style Service Business Growth Vision (NEXT10)”

  • Until now, the JR East Group has conducted “businesses centered on railway stations.” Going forward, the JR East Group will improve established businesses while taking on the challenge of “lifestyle creation (town development)” and reforming and creating businesses.
  • The JR East Group will realise long-term growth based on “four pillars”: NOBIRU (Grow), HIRAKU (Pioneer), TSUNAGU (Connect), and MIGAKU (Improve).
  • The JR East Group has established “CITY UP!” as the slogan accompanying “Life-Style Service Business Growth Vision (NEXT10).”
  • As numerical targets for the life-style service business, the JR East Group aims to increase operating revenues and operating income by approximately 1.5 times in Fiscal 2027 versus consolidated results in Fiscal 2017.

(Source: JR East)

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