Tuesday 21 November 2017

RailTopoModel 1.1 released

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RailTopoModel is the multipurpose railway network model developed by several infrastructure managers, members of UIC. RailTopoModel (short: RTM) was published by UIC as IRS30100 in April 2016. Since then, RailTopoModel attracted the attention of industry, software vendors, and universities and research centres.

In parallel, the early implementers represented in the RTM workgroup continued the testing and implementation of RTM, while also figuring out the future applications and developments. Also, matching successive versions of RTM with successive versions of railML3.x, the associated data exchange format, calls for robust solutions, with some effects on the RTM structure.

Overall, these practical works led to a number of small, but significant improvements of the model, resulting into RTM 1.1. It is available for free download from the UIC website: https://uic.org/railtopomodel, together with a revision report. General information about RTM can be found on www.railtopomodel.org and http://wiki.railtopomodel.org .

RailTopoModel also gave rise to three follow-up projects and one cooperation agreement – follow our news in 2018!

For further information please contact Olivier Boudou, Project Manager:


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