Tuesday 5 December 2017

CineRail 2017 – The awards of the 22nd International Railway Film Competition organised by UIC and Portuguese Railways CP were presented on 29 November in Lisbon

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The winner of the ‘CineRail 2017 Grand Prix’ is ‘Paris-Bordeaux 2h04” commissioned by French Railways SNCF. The ‘CineRail Grand Prix of the Public’ is attributed to the film “507” (Escola Superior de Tecnologica de Abrantes), the Special Award of the Public to “Infrabel Star” (Belgium).

The CineRail Category Awards went to ADIF, Central Japan Railway Company CJRC, Freightliner, KiwiRail, RSSB, SNCF Gares & Connexions, SNCF, Tracksafe New Zealand, WSB Wuppertal.

The award ceremony of ‘CineRail 2017’, the 22nd edition of the International Railway Film Competition, took place on 29 November in Lisbon, Portugal, in the presence of Mr Carlos Nogueira, President of Portuguese Railways CP, Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of the International Union of Railways UIC, Mrs Mireille Martin, Chairperson of ‘CineRail’, and a number of invited delegates and guests.

“CineRail”, the only international event entirely dedicated to railways and films, established in 1991 in France, was jointly organised by UIC – the worldwide railway organisation – and CP with the support of a large number of partners including the Municipality of Lisbon and its cultural arm EGEAC, Infraestruturas de Portugal IP, UITP, Metro of Lisbon and of Porto, RATP, Trains-Expo SNCF and several Portuguese companies…

The purpose of “CineRail”, every two years, aims to present to the public the newest films and audiovisual productions produced for railways or on the theme of railways all around the world, which are then evaluated by an international jury.

During this 22nd “CineRail” edition in 2017, 65 films from 23 countries were presented to the public as well as to professionals at the Sao Jorge cinema in Lisbon. The international jury was composed of Marta Reis, film director (Portugal), chairperson of the jury, Leonor Teles, film director (Portugal), Clive Lamming, historian of the railways, author, journalist, Pascal Mendive, designer, artistic director.
The jury had to decide on awards in seven categories and the “CineRail 2017” Grand Prix.
The public in Lisbon voted for the “CineRail Grand Prix of the Public”.

Awards of the 22nd “CineRail” International Railway Film Competition

  • ‘CineRail Grand Prix 2017’: ‘Paris-Bordeaux 2h04” , SNCF, France (Producer: Première Fois production, director: K. Chapiron) - awarded by Portuguese Railways (CP) and presented to the winner by President Carlos Nogueira
  • ‘CineRail Grand Prix of the Public’: “507”, Escola Superior de Tecnologica de Abrantes (Dir: A. Oliveira, P. Mourinha) - awarded by UIC and presented to the winner by UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux
  • ‘Special Mention of the Public’: ‘Infrabel Star’, Infrabel, Belgium (Prod.: Motion Makers, Dir.:R. Coppens)

Film awards by category

  • ‘Rail as Sustainable Transport’:
    CineRail Award: ‘RSSB – Our Story’, RSSB, UK (Prod: H. Wilmott, A. Jusic, B. Whipple, Dir.: Creative Connection)
  • ‘Security and Safety’:
    CineRail Award:
    ‘Rail Safety Week 2017’, KiwiRail, New Zealand (Prod: Sylvester Media, Dir.: G. Evans)
    Special Mention: ‘Trackstoppers’, Tracksafe / New Zealand (Prod: Clemengers BBDO, Dir.: Clemengers BBDO)
  • ‘Publicity’:
    CineRail Award: ‘Secrets of a Train Station’, SNCF Gares & Connexions, France (Prod: Gunsmoke, Dir. J. de Gerlache)
  • ‘Innovative Services for Passengers and Freight’:
    CineRail Award: ‘The Suspension Railway in Wuppertal’, WSW Wuppertaler Stadtwerke (Prod.: Frischfilm Agentur für Kommunikation, Dir. P. Kleinert)
  • ‘Corporate Communications’:
    CineRail Award: ‘Almonte Viaduct Timelapse, Reflections of a Camera’, ADIF, Spain (Prod.: ADIF, Dir.: A. Garcia)
  • ‘Internal Communications’:
    CineRailAward: ‘Electroshock’, SNCF, France (Prod. Elephant at Work, Dir: H. Legoff).
    Special Mention: ‘I could Have Saved a Life That Day’, Freightliner, UK ( Prod: Picturascope Ltd, Dir. R. Pendlebury)
  • ‘Railways History and Heritage’:
    CineRail Award: ‘The Establishment of Tokaido Shinkansen’, Central Japan Railway Company CJRC (Prod: Tanseisha Co; Ltd, Dir.: M. Suzuki)

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