Tuesday 12 December 2017

UIC and OSJD expert exchange on IT & Coding

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UIC and OSJD experts attended the annual meeting of the OSJD Permanent Working Group on IT and Coding (PWG CI) held on 14 – 16 November 2017 in Warsaw.

On behalf of Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, the UIC delegation expressed assurance in the strategical visions of both organisations to be easily shared and achieved within the domains of IT and digitalisation.

Experts discussed the work plan for 2017 and took note of results of the work of the PWG CI in 2017 on the following topics:

  • Coding and informatics;
  • Paperless technology for the transport of goods in international rail transport;
  • Security of information resources and information and telecommunications infrastructure;
  • Information support of cargo and passenger traffic. Technical specifications for interoperability (TAF TSI and TAP TSI);
  • OSJD web site;
  • Working plan for 2018-2019 in coordination with UIC.

UIC/OSJD leaflet and documents to be updated in 2018:

  • 920-1 Standard numerical coding for railway undertakings, infrastructure managers and other companies involved in rail transport chains
  • 920-6 Standard numerical coding of additional charges, customs duties and other charges
  • 920-13 Standard coding and data structures of general information required for international freight traffic
  • 917-5 Description of the HERMES System
  • Regulation of UIC/OSJD Joint Group on IT and Coding

UIC/OSJD interaction:

During the previous UIC/OSJD Joint Group on IT and Coding held on 27 September 2017 the issue of the workshop on TAP & TAF TSI was discussed. UIC is going to hold the workshop and 72nd meeting of UIC/OSJD Joint Group on IT and Coding from 30 – 31 May 2018 in Brussels. The results of the implementation of projects on information support for international rail freight traffic with SMGS consignment note, CIM / SMGS consignment note data, train data, data of other documents used in SMGS, data of accompanying documents (invoice / invoice, packing list)] will be presented. The area of security of information resources and information and telecommunications infrastructure needs to be discussed & linked to the topic of the exchange of electronic transport documents at the cross-border transport operations.

Technical Regulation & Standardisation

UIC took part in the 1st OSJD Annual Commission meeting held in November 2017 in Warsaw.

Participants reported on decisions taken at the XLV session of the OSJD Ministerial Meeting (5 – 8 June 2017, Russian Federation, Sochi).

OSJD experts presented progress in the implementation of complex plans to improve transport and development of OSJD railway transport corridors until 2020 including its technical, operational and commercial aspects. The work is supported by a study on the possibility of joining new lines to the OSJD railway transport corridors. There is a need to update the technical and operational passports of OSJD railway transport corridors N-9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. The regulation and methodology on how the corridors passports to be filled in are going to be developed.

Special attention was given to the information from OSJD Member countries on the deployment of high-speed infrastructure and passenger train traffic. OSJD Members face a new challenge – development of high-speed freight and mixed transportation. In this context, an analysis of the reasons for the delays of passenger trains and idle freight cars at border (transfer) stations in 2016 and what measures aimed at facilitating border crossing were analysed and suggested.

Participants were provided with an update of:

  • information on the implementation of the provisions of the Declaration adopted at the VIII Interdepartmental Meeting “The Practice of Border Crossing by Rail” (22-23 September 2015, Republic of Poland, Gdansk),
  • information of OSJD member countries on the implementation of Annex 9 “Facilitation of border crossing procedures in international rail transport” to the International Convention on the Harmonisation of Frontier Control of Goods of 1982,
  • participation in the informal group of experts under the auspices of the UNECE to prepare a draft Convention on the Facilitation of Border Crossing for the International Carriage of Passengers, Luggage and Goods for Baggage.

OSJD main performer (Lithuanian Railways) presented the progress on the ERA-OSJD Contact Group regarding the interaction of 1520/1435 mm railway systems. UIC was represented by Vytautas Kinderis, Coordinator for Standardisation & East/West Relations, who expressed appreciation to OSJD and EC experts tasked with the complicated task on intersystem compatibility to be found via the development of unified basic parameters. From a practical point of view, the project helps to improve the main technical indicators of the operation of the OSJD railway transport corridors while support the EU Technical Regulation and CEN/CENELEC standards to be correctly aligned with the ones of the 1520 area.

Experts spoke about the OSJD leaflet 305-1 “Recommendations on the terminology. Statistics of Railway Transport. Short glossary” to be further improved and approved. UIC is able to provide the support and expertise outcome within the domain of terminology via working groups dealing with RaiLexic tools. UIC also requested that OSJD Statistical Bulletins and data be shared with UIC HQ experts.

The meeting finally approved the Draft Work Plan & Working Programme of the 1st OSJD Commission on Transport Policy and Development Strategy for 2018 to be submitted to OSJD Authorised Representatives of Transport Ministers in December 2017.

For further information please contact Vytautas Kinderis, Standardisation & East/West Relations Coordinator:


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