Tuesday 16 January 2018

Czech Railways has opened a new hall for repair and maintenance of rolling stock in Rakovník

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The two-track hall for repairs and maintenance of motor units, diesel locomotives and other passenger rail vehicles opened on 15 January in Rakovník, as part of Czech Railways. The construction of the Swietelsky Building was built for 57 million crowns, including a warehouse and staffing facility. The construction lasted from February to December 2017. A three-month trial runs in the hall.

"The original repair rooms originally built for the maintenance of steam traction have already failed to meet the current maintenance requirements of new motor traction vehicles. Whether it is a length that did not allow the repair of a complete unit or in some cases even equipment. With its complexity, the new facility has greatly improved the conditions for repairs and provides our employees with a modern work environment. Thanks to this, we expect acceleration of repairs, increasing their quality and reliability, which will positively influence the timetable or deployment of the planned kits,” said Miroslav Kupec, a member of the Czech Railways Board of Directors, responsible for the engineering, service and property segment. "Today in Rakovnik there are 49 units of Regionova, almost a quarter of all these two sets, which we are dealing mainly in Central Bohemia and the Ústí nad Labem region. Improvement of service will be recorded by a large number of passengers from Prague to Chomutov and Most,” added Miroslav Kupec.

"The hall is one complex fully equipped workplace for the repair of motor units and separate vehicles. It measures 70 metres, allowing for simultaneous maintenance of the four engine units of Region. This will greatly reduce the time and financial demands for unpacking, maintenance, shifting and transporting units to other locations,” said Miroslav Mrázek, the construction manager of the Swietelsky Building West Building.

For example, a two-wheeled hall, equipped with, for example, a sliding bridge, a bridge crane with a load capacity of five tonnes, a pillar channel or a lifting gear, is also a workshop for repairing vehicle components, sanitary facilities, staffing facilities and spare parts warehouse. The usable area of the building is 1,016 m2 and workshops and facilities are 207 m2. The hall was built in the eastern part of the operational unit of Rakovník (locomotive depot) Depa of railway vehicles in Plzeň.

The site where the fuel storage was located was used for the construction. After its relocation, a new building with a total built-up area of 1 286 m2 was built. The hall is connected to the hall via the existing track of the locomotive depot to the railway station in Rakovník railway station.

(Source: Czech Railways)

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