Tuesday 16 January 2018

Sweden: Climate-smart deliveries of Italian wine with Green Cargo

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Every year, via its Italy Direct route, Green Cargo transports around 200 large wagons of wine from Italy and 300 smaller wagons of wine from Malmö to Stockholm in collaboration with Scanlog, Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB.

“Over the last few years, we have seen increased interest in more sustainable freight solutions. It’s very pleasing that, thanks to the collaboration with Green Cargo, we now have further opportunities to offer Swedish importers an environmentally and economically very attractive, door-to-door alternative from Europe, where we use a smart combination of trucks and trains,” said Martin Ytander, Director of Rail and Road Freight Solutions at Scanlog.

The agreement covering the smaller wagons started in September. These are wines that come in bulk from Europe and other parts of the world, and are tapped in Denmark. Green Cargo is responsible for transportation between Malmö and Stockholm. Preliminary transportation, terminal services, and customs management are handled by Scanlog.

“We have had a long and close collaboration with Scanlog, and once again we are together creating environmentally friendly and efficient freight transportation by filling up round-trip trains between Sweden and Europe. We see important, major advantages in collaborating with logistics companies that have good knowledge of the food and beverage industries’ logistics needs,” says Björn Thunqvist, Strategic Sales Executive at Green Cargo.

The agreement regarding the 200 large wagons on Green Cargo’s Italy Direct route began in November. Green Cargo delivers not only climate smart, but also competitive transportation solutions direct to Scanlog’s warehouses outside Stockholm.

“As regards beverages, rail solutions are tremendously good in several respects, in addition to the environmental ones. We provide our customers safe transportation with good loading capacity and frequency, both on our Italy Direct route and in our domestic network, which consists of nearly 300 destinations. Everything has been working in a very satisfactory manner,” said Björn Thunqvist.

Scanlog (Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB) is a fully independent Swedish logistics company focused on international and global transport solutions using all transport modes: air, sea, road, and rail. In partnership with its customers, suppliers, and employees, Scanlog delivers logistics solutions characterised by greater commitment, responsibility and reliability. Scanlog has some 40 employees in four offices in Sweden; its annual sales are approximately SEK 350 million, and it recently received the 2017 Gazelle Company award from the Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri.

(Source: Green Cargo)

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