Tuesday 23 January 2018

Message from the UIC Vice-Chairman Mr Isa Apaydin

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Dear Colleagues,

Since the very first appearance of railway tracks in ancient history, when wheeled vehicles were pulled by men and animals as a result of the need to transport goods, basic rail technology developed not only continually but also gradually and has today reached its existing high speeds, high technology and transformed itself into an indispensable transport mode.

Ever since, the need to improve the capacity, quality and effectiveness of rail transport has been evident and numerous so various studies have been done to do so.

In this digital era we have been experiencing and as a result of globalisation, I believe that it is crucial to emphasise sustainable railway policies within regional developments, the need for standardisation, interconnectivity and interoperability of the projects conducted in each country to take better advantage of international corridors, the investments in railway research and development bearing in mind the need for the eco-friendly railway to take its place that it deserves among the other transport modes.

Over the last year, I have had the honour to work in full cooperation and synergy with all our colleagues as the Vice Chairman of UIC, which I believe is the most important actor in the railway community.

As we are all aware, UIC has been making every effort to promote rail transport, interoperability, and having the required competencies, create new standards for railways with the objective of optimally meeting current and future challenges of mobility and sustainable development while creating and supporting all forms of international cooperation among members by setting up all possible opportunities for sharing both experiences and best practices.

Among the great number of events organised within UIC and the railway sector, needless to stress, the UIC World Congress on High Speed is the most prominent and large-scale global event on high-speed rail which is held in every two to three years. The congress addresses strategic issues linked to the national and international development of high-speed rail systems.

In this framework, I would like to remind you that the 10th UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail, together with Trade Exhibition, will be hosted by Turkish State Railways-TCDD, under the High Patronage of Turkish Prime Minister and with the support of Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications from 8 – 11 May 2018 in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, with the motto: “Sharing Knowledge for Sustainable and Competitive Operations”.

The goal of the congress is to provide an opportunity for the exchange of information on techniques and applica¬tions of high speed rail technology and to systematically explain the theoretical and practical interpretations, reflections, and inferences for the future, with an emphasis on new technology and new approaches. The scope and concept of work to be submitted will be under the areas of Infrastructure, Railway System, Operations and Stations, Trains, Commercial, Economic Aspects and Society and cross-cutting themes such as accessibility, implementations, engineering…etc.

Within the scope of the congress, parallel sessions, round table meetings, technical visits will be held with the engagement of 150 speakers.

During the congress, a “Students’ Competition”, in which the students’ participation will be fostered by giving them a chance to show their new ideas that may lead to a new invention, innovation or a start-up, will also be organised.

Furthermore, together with the congress, a trade exhibition will also be organised. The latest technological developments and innovations will be displayed in an 8000 m² trade exhibition area with the participation of many of the world’s best known companies.

We hope to see you at the congress and believe that you will contribute by sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Within this context, I am convinced that the 10th UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail will meet all the expectations as a unique platform to benchmark and exchange on all issues and challenges connected with high-speed rail and its benefits for the market and society.

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UIC Vice-Chairman Mr Isa Apaydin