Tuesday 20 February 2018

UIC Director General takes part in a conference at the Polytechnic University of Madrid

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In the framework of UIC Talent objective to attract the interest of universities in our UIC UNINET network, Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, delivered a keynote presentation on perspectives and prospective of rail across the world during a conference organised in Madrid on 15 February at the Polytechnic University.
This triggered a lot of interesting discussions and possible tuitions for students in our UIC activities.

The Civil Engineering School of the UPM, Polytechnic University of Madrid, was founded in 1802 and for more than a hundred and fifty years was the only school for Master Civil Engineers in Spain. Today, the school offers three bachelor programmes, four master programmes and three PhD programmes, integrating 2500 students and 250 faculty members. It is open to international students, with 12 Double Degree Agreements and more than 120 exchange agreements (Europe, China, USA, Latin America, ..) with around 200 exchange students per year. In 2017 the university was considered fifth best in the world for civil engineering according to the Shanghai ranking. It is also a leading institution in research with 14 laboratories covering the different fields of civil engineering.

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