Tuesday 24 April 2018

VNIIZhT, the largest Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport, celebrates its 100th anniversary

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The centenary was celebrated on 18 April by the largest Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport. In honour of the anniversary, a number of VNIIZHT employees were awarded certificates and industry awards. The anniversary was also an occasion to bring together colleagues and friends for a scientific and practical conference, share experiences and discuss prospects.

VNIIZhT traces its history back to 18 April 1918, when by the Decree of the Collegium of the People’s Commissariat of Railways, the Experimental Transport Institute was established. Throughout the century, thousands of outstanding specialists, outstanding scientists, brilliant research organisers, generators of ideas, founders of new scientific schools have successfully worked at the institute.

Today VNIIZhT is the largest scientific centre of the railway branch in the field of research and development. The Institute includes 17 scientific departments, six branches, postgraduate study and a dissertation council. More than 1700 people work here, including 34 Doctors of Science and 154 candidates of science. This potential is to be fully used to solve the strategic task: technical re-equipment of the country’s mainline railway transport.

To date, VNIIZhT has developed the unique Elbrus and Express systems using IT technologies. In 2017, the effect of the Institute’s participation in the optimisation of railway transport amounted to four billion rubles. Now, scientists have taken a course on advanced developments for high-speed line development, digitalisation of railways.

A noteworthy event was the signing of an agreement between VNIIZhT and the Korean Research Institute (KRRI). Joint development will ensure the transit of passengers and cargo from Asia to Europe.

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