Wednesday 2 May 2018

Iran: British envoy travels to Tehran by regular train

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The new envoy of Britain to Iran travelled from Tabriz to Tehran by regular train without any kind of specific ceremony.

Rob Macaire, the new appointed British ambassador to Tehran, whose positive attitude towards into relations between Iran and Britain has been interesting for Iranian media, travelled to Tehran from Tabriz by regular train and without any specific ceremony, according to the International Department of the Iranian Railways.

RAI (Iranian Railways), which has conducted two grand international tours of Iran during the past three months, believes that the British envoy’s journey to Tehran by a regular train and without many bodyguards demonstrates the high security and reliability of the Iranian Railways in the minds of our foreign guests.

It has to be mentioned that all the Macaire family members accompanied him during this journey and the Passenger Deputy of RAI received them officially in Tehran.

Macaire, who is due to succeed Nicholas Hopton in May, told IRNA in an interview published on Wednesday that he is delighted to be going to Tehran as the new British ambassador.

“We’ve made a lot of progress, obviously we have diplomatic relations between our countries; we have fully functioning embassies; we have full visa services in both capitals; we have a lot of opportunities in trade and increase in contacts on the cultural, tourism and people to people level, so I think things are going well.”

(Source: RAI)

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