Wednesday 2 May 2018

Sweden: Green Cargo invests in more Co-Co locomotives

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In July 2017, Green Cargo decided to strengthen its fleet of assets and purchase two new Transmontana locomotives. These will enter service in autumn 2018. As part of its fleet strategy and to meet customers’ needs, Green Cargo has now decided to sign another agreement with Softronic and to invest in six more locomotives.

“The purchase of these locomotives will enable us to create even more efficient logistics solutions for our customers, particularly for heavy traffic plans. The locomotives not only increase capacity and safety, they also reduce freight costs for our company’s customers,” said Green Cargo’s CEO Jan Kilström.

In addition to their superior tractive power, the locomotives are modern and are equipped with automatic and optimized electrical braking. These locomotives will be optimized to run as energy-efficiently as possible by using topography and route data. The locomotives are a mixture of proven technology that uses a Swedish bogie design, and modern electronics with regeneration of electricity, which can also be fully utilized with multiple units.

“The purchase of the locomotives will enable us to increase our logistical efficiency, and it also increases our capacity and lowers maintenance costs. The locomotives have a number of technical adjustments for our Nordic climate. Moreover, the increased tractive power means a lower environmental impact since, in total, less energy is used compared with running a higher number of lighter trains,” said Jan Kilström.

(Source: Green Cargo)

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