Tuesday 15 May 2018

Raildata vision for the future

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The UIC special group Raildata plays a crucial role in the daily operation of freight trains. All over Europe the consignment note and wagon data are shared between the major freight railway undertakings through the Raildata platform. Raildata also operates other shared applications and databases to facilitate the interoperability of the rail freight community. Raildata will be a key player for the digitalisation of the sector (paperless transport, intelligent wagons, automated train operation). In order to achieve this RUs will have to define the strategy for Raildata in line with the highest (CEO) level.

As a step in that direction a Strategic Workshop was organised and moderated by Sandra Géhénot, Freight Director and Patrick Mantell, Senior Advisor to:

  • Determine an adequate structure which would allow to develop a common strategic vision for rail freight
  • Improve visibility and understanding of the added-value of current services/products of Raildata

This workshop took place on 2 May in Vienna with the participation of CIOs and CDOs from European RUs. The discussion helped to identify the difficulties encountered by Raildata (lack of resources, commitment of the members, shifting business environment and missing) and decided two actions:

  • Improve the visibility and awareness of Raildata through online communication, factsheets and a strong presence at upcoming freight events (High Level Freight Meeting – HLFM in May, Global Rail Freight Conference – GRFC in June, Freight Digital Days in November).
  • Reposition a Strategic Board for digitalisation, governance and strategic vision with CIO/CDO participation

The first objective will be to develop a strategic vision for the digitalisation of rail freight in Europe. The UIC Freight Department will assist Raildata in achieveing this goal.

For further information please contact Patrick Mantell, Senior Freight Advisor:


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