Tuesday 22 May 2018

ERRAC, the Technology Platform for the rail sector in Europe, appoints new leadership team

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ERRAC, (European Rail Research Advisory Council), the European Technology Platform (ETP) met today in plenary format in Brussels.

In addition to receiving keynote contributions from DGMOVE and DGResearch about FP 9 (Horizon Europe) and the current state of play with the Shift2Rail programme and the potential for a further rail JU (S2R 2030), the plenary meeting endorsed the nomination of the team that will lead ERRAC for the next 3 years.

Outgoing President Professor Andy Doherty (UIC, CTO Network Rail) welcomed the arrival of his successor Alberto Parrondo (UNIFE, VP Strategy Ground Transportation Systems, Thales) who will be ably supported by deputy chair Carole Desnost (UIC, Head of Research and Innovation SNCF) and Professor Sebastian Stichel (Academia, KTH Sweden).

In his acceptance statement, Alberto Parrando emphasised the importance of teamwork and joined-up thinking not only within the rail sector but with other sectors and he looked forward to the ability to define the future of rail transportation in this manner.

In a further change in the leadership team, Nicolas Furio (UNIFE) handed over responsibility for the ERRAC Secretariat to Simon Fletcher (UIC) who will be covering the position in an ad-interim capacity whilst awaiting the arrival of Martin Brennan who will take up the post of Head of Innovation at UIC and future ERRAC Secretary.

ERRAC contributes to the creation of a single European rail sector with world class skills and capabilities. ERRAC’s principle mission is to make the European rail sector more competitive and sustainable in the sector’s prime task of moving people and goods safely and efficiently around Europe.
ERRAC was set up in 2001 with the ambitious goal of creating a single European body with both the competence and capability to help evolve the European rail sector and make it more competitive, by fostering increased innovation and guiding research efforts at European level.
Within ERRAC, all major rail stakeholders are gathered including: railway undertakings, infrastructure managers, manufacturers, the European Commission, the European Union Agency for Railways, EU Member States, academics and users’ groups.
ERRAC covers all forms of railway transport: from conventional, high speed and freight applications to urban and regional services.

Further information can be found on the ERRAC website – www.errac.org or by contacting the secretariat – fletcher@uic.org or nicholas.furio@unife.org

Web address: www.errac.org

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