Tuesday 22 May 2018

Finishing of all early preparations for Electrification of Garmsar-Incheboron Rail Route project

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The project of the electrification of Garmsar-Incheboron rail route which was in its early steps during the last few years, has reached the final step from the beginning of the construction.

Mr Maziar Yazdani, Vice Presdident of RAI for Infrastructure and technical issues declared that this route which starts from Garmasar, between Tehran AND Semnan Province, continues up to Inche-Boron, in Gorgan Province, North of Iran, and the new rail border point with Turkmenistan on Kazakhstan- Turkmenistan- Iran (KTI) corridor and most of this route is considered as the oldest rail routes of Iranian Railways.

Dr Yazdani added that since this route is in single track and it has severe gradients, it is considered as a bottle neck for the North - South corridor of Iranian railways. Moreover, regarding that fact that this route passes through mountainous and difficult areas, the technical studies for choosing between electrifying and double tracking of it led to the electrifying of it.

Her expressed that this project will be financed by the Russian government and will be implemented through a partnership between Russia and Iran. It includes electrification of 495 km of the route, supplying fleet and repairing and upgrading entire infrastructures of the route (track, stations, signalling system…).

Vice President of RAI for Infrastructure and technical issues also stated that the pre-starting phases of construction is progressing so that the negotiations with Tavanir company, state company for production, management and transfer of electricity in the country, responsible for supplying electric power of the project has been finalised and similar meetings with the governor and Provincial authorities for acceleration in the implementation procedures have been held. In the ultimate step of the pre-starting procedure we are negotiating with Russian counterparts and simultaneously a team consists of RAI Electrification Bureau and respective contractor are collecting information about the mentioned route by taking photos and videos from selected parts of it.

(Source: RAI)

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