Tuesday 29 May 2018

UIC Passenger & East-West Standardisation: cooperation within the APRA region

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UIC launches Integration of Reservation Systems project in the APRA region

A project kick-off meeting was held between representatives of UIC, FPC and VNIIZhT on April 25, 2018. At the 24th Asian Pacific Regional Assembly, FPC was assigned as project leader for the APRA “Integration of Reservation Systems” project launched at the kick-off meeting. Leadership of the project will be shared between FPC and VNIIZhT. On the basis of decisions taken at recent APRA web conferences, the principles of a quality management process for project implementation have been approved by FPC, VNIIZhT and UIC representatives.

On the UIC side, the kick-off meeting was attended by Ms Irina Petrunina (UIC Advisor for CIS countries and APRA international organisations) and Mr Vytautas Kinderis (UIC Coordinator for Standardisation and East-West Relations).

On the FPC side, the kick-off meeting was attended by Mr Oleg Leschishin (Head of Unit for International Relations) and Mr Aleksey Kulikow (Senior Officer, International Relations Unit).

From VNIIZhT, the kick-off meeting was attended by Mr Nikita Gorshkov (Head of Unit for International Scientific Technical Cooperation), Mr Andrei Sokolovskiy (Deputy Head of Express Unit) and Ms Yulija Bogatyreva (International Cooperation Officer).

Study background

The project involves the development of a seat reservation system to meet passenger needs. Generally, each railway in the Asia-Pacific region has a seat reservation system encompassing pricing, ticketing and a distribution system for passenger transportation. Electronic systems are widely implemented and allow clients to book and buy tickets remotely, saving time and effort and thus providing an enhanced level of service for railway companies. Reservation systems represent a key success factor for increasing overall income in passenger transportation and attracting new clients.
However, there are numerous problems with ticket sales for international transportation as an alternative to civilian aviation (IATA system). At the same time, there is demand for ticket reservation services for travel to other countries.

It is important to analyse existing obstacles, define opportunities, assess participants’ readiness for national ticketing and define modern standards to be established.

A proposal has been submitted to study technical compatibility of communication tools and e-protocols used for communication of relevant data in order to clarify how the project can be implemented in practice and identify obstacles, and then to develop and propose possible approaches to systems integration. Based on the results of this work, a memorandum may be prepared between railway stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region to integrate reservation systems for international trains. The aim of this is to enhance benefits for customers and satisfy demand.

Expected deliverables

1st year: Draft concept for reservation system integration in the Asia-Pacific region.
2nd year: Memorandum for reservation system integration in the Asia-Pacific region on the basis of recommendations agreed by workshop participants on project implementation; final report containing recommendations for reservation systems integration in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr Petr Ivanov (FPC Director-General), Mr Konstantin Shenfeld (VNIIZhT Executive Director) and Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux (UIC Director-General) have been informed of the results of the kick-off meeting and have confirmed that it is in line with best practice and standards within international railway passenger transportation.

For further information please contact Vytautas Kinderis, UIC Coordinator for Standardisation & East/West Relations:


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