Tuesday 19 June 2018

Iran: Track and Technical structures department of Iranian Railways (RAI) now equipped with track recording web information

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The Track and Technical structures department of Iranian Railways (RAI) has been equipped for the first time with a track recording web information system as well as quantitative and qualitative geometric parameters to analyse the railway track system.

Given the ever-increasing development of the rail industry and the use of modern technologies in track maintenance, RAI has launched a comprehensive system and database on the status of tracks at rail network level.

This system is supervised by the Evaluation Group of Mechanical Machinery of Track & Technical structures department of RAI in cooperation with the local experts and was set up on the 200-gigabit server at RAI HQ.

One of the advantages of setting up this system is that the rail managers on the whole RAI network across the country could use it under the local network. The other most important output of this system is assessing the qualitative assessment of the performance of contractors in the track maintenance engineering section.

It should be noted that all the necessary standards for designing and implementing this system executed in accordance with the EN, RFI system as well as using the advanced formulas of ADA II software.

(Source: RAI)

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