Tuesday 26 June 2018

The yearly NRT (Non-Integrated Reservation Tickets) working group meeting was held from 5 – 7 June in Athens

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The yearly NRT (Non-Integrated Reservation Tickets) working group meeting was held from 5 – 7 June in Athens, Greece. Around 40 participants were present for the common part with mixed night trains/day train-topics, as well as the exclusive NRT-part.

The joint NT/NRT-part of the meeting began with the possible reorganisation of the UIC-working group structure. Over the last few years, the fading distinction between Integrated Reservation Tickets, Non-Integrated Reservation Tickets, Night Train Tickets and East West Tickets has been identified, with a multitude of shared topics for all the above-mentioned working groups. This would therefore be an argument in favour of the creation of sub-groups for each topic, less linked to the distinction between NRT/IRT/NT/EWT and would mean more concrete interaction with technically-focused specialists.

Mr Mariorenzi, chairman of the technical group, presented the UIC’s work on Intermodality, describing two new projects, namely the “Air+Rail” and “Door-to-Door”. The final aim of the projects is to create a win-win situation for both rail and other transport-sectors, attracting more customers by providing integrated services. He and Mr Clemens Gantert also gave an overview of the activities of the e-ticketing workgroup within UIC, combining the input of both commercial and technically-focused participants.

The PRIFIS-related needs from the members were addressed, in order to verify if the current application for uploading/downloading data still meets their requirements. After discussing the opinions of the participants, there were several suggestions for more flexibility and more available slots during the year.

In addition, a discussion was held on tariff-setting and the impact of being given the freedom to set tariffs for NRT-international, as well as the proposed amendments for the SCIC NRT (by PKP, MAV-START, DB). The validity of RIT-tickets has been changed and is now aligned with the general NRT rule.

DB raised the need to rejuvenate the RAILPLUS brand, which they will kindly take care of.

On the final and third day, CIT presented the annual report on legal changes which impact the NRT landscape. The new GDPR is a hot topic, with a lot of consequences on ticketing and regulation. The important glossary items in the SCIC NRT were discussed.

Yearly reports from UIC, EWT, IRT were presented, with a final overview of the new project of Trenitalia, expanding and promoting the tourist train routes within Italy.
All topics on the relatively full agenda were discussed on time, and the meeting ended with a final word of thanks by the current NRT chair Mrs Natascha Hooft, who will end her role as chair this year: the organisation of this year’s meeting by Trainose was outstanding.

As discussed during this meeting, the working groups NRT, NT and IRT have decided to organise a joint meeting in Warsaw, Poland at the beginning of October 2018. Next year’s spring meeting for NRT, IRT and NT will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, with the exact date still to be confirmed.

For further information please contact Fabrice Setta, Senior Distribution Advisor, Passenger Department:


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