Tuesday 3 July 2018

Czech Republic: Presidential train 2018 will be on show to the public from June to September

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To mark the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia, the National Technical Museum (NTM) has teamed up with Czech Railways to prepare a Presidential train that will be on show to the public from late June through to early September 2018. The train will set out from Prague to Brno, Bratislava and on to Košice making further stops at Zlin, Pardubice, Olomouc, Plzen and Chomutov. Its journey through the former Czechoslovak railway network will terminate at the historic depot site at Masaryk Station in Prague on the site of a planned Railway and Electrical Engineering Museum of the National Technical Museum.

The presidential train officially set off on 28 June from Masaryk railway station in Prague.

Presidential train 2018

Steam Locomotive 464.202 (Závody V.I.Lenina /Škoda/, Plzeň, 1956)

Saloon coaches Franz Ferdinand von Österreich-Este (Ringhoffer, Praha, 1909, for the President of Czechoslovakia from 1918)

Saloon coaches Tomas Garique Masaryk (Ringhoffer, Praha, 1930)

Saloon coaches Ludvik Svoboda and Gustav Husák (VEB Waggonbau, Bautzen, 1968)

Passenger coaches Ca adapted for an exhibition of train presidents

Accompanying coaches and diesel locomotive T 478.1010 (ČKD, Praha, 1967)

(Source: CD)

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