Tuesday 3 July 2018

Kazakhstan: KTZ develops container services on the trans-Kazakhstan route from China-Iran

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The first full-container train on the route Chongqing (China) - Kashan (Iran) proceeded through the territory of Kazakhstan.

The service was organised to implement the Agreement on the development of container transportation between the subsidiary organisation of NC KTZ JSC- KTZ Express JSC and YuXinOu Chongqing Logistics Co., Ltd to increase the volume of cargo transportation to/from China between Kazakhstan-Russia-Central Asia-Iran-Europe and the development of logistics supply chains.

The train with auto components consisting of forty-one 40-foot containers, proceeded from the Chinese city of Chongqin by rail through Khorgos and Altynkol station through Kazakhstan to the port of Aktau. Then the containers on the feeder were delivered to the Iranian port of Bender-Enzeli and then by road to Kashan city in Iran. The delivery time was 17 days.

A regular weekly dispatch of one container train is planned and delivery time is expected to be reduced to 12 - 14 days.

In order to create an efficient logistics service on the trans-Kazakhstan routes of China-Iran, attracting container flows and increasing the transit potential of Kazakhstan, “KTZ Express” JSC offered the shipper a multimodal delivery scheme in containers with the services of rail, sea and road transport and using the Kazakhstan transport and logistics infrastructure.

Since the end of 2017, regular container services have operated along the route from China – Khorgos, Altynkol - Bolashak exp., Serhetiak exp. - Akayila exp., Incheburun exp. - Nikpasandi (Tehran) in Iran.

(Source: KTZ)

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