Tuesday 17 July 2018

Kazakhstan: Wagon-platforms for transportation of large-capacity containers passed qualification tests

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On 4 July 2018 at the ZIKSTO JSC wagon-building company, qualification tests were conducted on a four-axle platform designed to transport heavy-duty type 13-6922 containers.

The wagon is designed to transport large-capacity containers of various modifications along the main railways and tank containers intended for the transport of dangerous goods.

The Commission with the participation of the Technical Center of NC "KTZ” JSC, JSC “KTZ-Freight Transportation” positively evaluated the technological equipment of production and stability of technological processes for the production of freight cars, and also confirmed the readiness for the serial production of rolling stock.

In general, the improved characteristics of the large-tonnage type 13-6922 platform have an increased carrying capacity that will allow the operator and the owner of the infrastructure to reduce operating costs, and the cargo owner to transport a larger volume of cargo," said A. Zhangeldy, Director of the Technical Centre of “NC” KTZ” JSC.

The technical centre of “NC” KTZ" JSC carried out work to approve unified technical requirements for prospective freight wagons. Among the key requirements for the new rolling stock is the increase in the volume, the between-repair period, the design speed, and the reduction in the tare weight of freight wagons.

As noted by the chief engineer B. Kotyrev, the development of domestic car building significantly enhances the country’s ability to implement large-scale plans for the development of logistics and cargo transit.

“To date, NC” KTZ" JSC together with stakeholders in the face of state bodies, development institutions, manufacturers and operators of wagons are working to approve the programme for the development of freight wagon building," said B. Kotyrev and added that the programme is aimed at supporting and development of car building and provides for state support to provide tax and other preferences to manufacturers.

(Source: KTZ)

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