Tuesday 25 September 2018

11th OSJD International Freight Conference to be held from 2 – 3 October 2018, hosted by RAI, in Tehran

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The 11th OSJD International Freight Conference will be held from 2 – 3 October 2018, hosted by RAI, in the city of Tehran (Islamic Republic of Iran) with the cooperation of OSJD.

This conference is one of the important conferences of OSJD for developing and completing international rail freight transport in the Eurasia Region and it will try to exchange ideas and experience on improving the efficiency of freight transport by rail, enhancing the transport services for customers, identifying perspectives for cooperation between railways and freight forwarders.

During the Conference, discussions are planned on the following topics:

  • Cargo potential in the countries of Asia and Pacific region for the organisation of railway traffic between Europe and Asia
  • Perspectives for the development of container transportation – experience in creating a railway product
  • Legal framework for railway freight transport and its improvement; tariff policy and marketing
  • Information technologies in the field of railway freight transport
  • Ways to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of railway transport
  • Modem logistic solutions; interaction with other modes of transport (combined, intermodal, multimodal transportations)
  • The current situation on the freight market shared by different modes of transport
  • Technological aspects for the organisation of international freight traffic

The Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran (RAI) hopes that this conference will bring about tangible and fruitful results in increasing rail transportation between Europe and Asia and also increasing cooperation between RAI and other international organisations, railways and freight forwarders. Therefore, RAI would like to invite all UIC members, freight forwarders and logistic companies to participate in this international conference.

Hereby we would like to announce that the venue for this event will be the Azadi Hotel in Tehran.

Please note that RAI will reserve the hotel for the participants and we will also arrange airport pick up for the participants.

For any further information please contact Mr Ali Abdollahi from International Affairs Department of RAI.


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