Tuesday 30 October 2018

The NRT (Non-Integrated Reservation Tickets), IRT and NT commercial groups met in Warsaw from 2 – 4 October 2018 for a series of meetings hosted by PKP-IC

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Mr Krzyszt of Krasowski, Pricing & Tariff Director for PKP-IC, opened the IRT (Integrated Reservation Tickets) meeting with a presentation of PKP-IC’s offer and the rail market situation in Poland.

Mr Christian Mund then explained how the question of Yield Management was addressed by ÖBB, and the software choices and new practices that were put in place on that basis to improve business efficiency and flexibility.

This presentation was later completed by a description of the THELLO offer, given by Mr Fabrice Toledano, Sales & Marketing Director. All these presentations gave the group many opportunities to discuss commercial issues in the current context of deregulation.

The group also worked on common topical questions, such as the implementation of GDPR at European level, or the growing trend for e-ticketing, which will lead to modifications of the regulatory SCIC document under the responsibility of the IRT group.

A joint-session for NRT and IRT members then allowed partner organisations to present their current work. The following topics were discussed:

  • The revision of PRR and updates on the AIV, topics that were presented by CIT
  • CER explained their importance in being the ‘voice’ of the railway-undertakings, safeguarding a balanced approach between customer-benefits and the efforts and obligations of undertakings
  • The rather outdated definitions of IRT vs. NRT are updated, since the distinction between ‘integrated reservation tickets’ and ‘non-integrated reservation tickets’ continues to fade
  • This common meeting was also an opportunity for participants to consider the future of the UIC commercial and technical group cooperation, a question that will also be addressed at the next PSG meeting to be held in Rome on 6 November

The exclusive NRT meeting on the last day of this series of meetings dealt with the revision of the “Special Conditions of Carriage for NRT-tickets” document.

Mr Clemens Gantert presented the results of the dedicated working group, finding ways of dealing with online-check in and inspection of NRT tickets.

Since UIC wishes to launch a tender for a ‘revised PRIFIS application, members were invited to discuss the commercial and technical requirements.

Thanks to the flawless organisation of PKP IC, this was a successful first joint meeting of the IRT/NT/NRT working groups. The next session will take place in Stockholm at the beginning of April 2019.

For further information please contact Fabrice Setta, Senior Advisor Passenger Transport:


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