Tuesday 27 November 2018

The 35th UIC Statistics Group Plenary Meeting was held on 22 November 2018 in Paris

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The Statistics Group develops appropriate methodologies and terminology for the harmonisation of railway statistics as well as the collection of data from member companies, the calculation of basic indicators and the dissemination of these data. This harmonisation promotes the availability of comprehensive and reliable railway statistics and improves international comparability of railway statistics.

The welcome speech was addressed by the Chairman of the Statistics Group. In the first half of the plenary meeting, the group dealt with internal issues of sectoral statistics at UIC such as the answers of member companies to individual data surveys and the changes within some questionnaires together with relevant changes of explanatory notes made this year by the Steering Committee. UIC presented reports developed based on collected data. The status report on the key project “Improvement of RAILISA” (Rail Information System and Analysis) was presented to the participants.

In the second half of the meeting, the representatives of cooperating international sectoral organisations such as ITF at OECD, UNECE, EC ERA and EC Eurostat took floor with very interesting presentations on rail transport statistics. The presentation of Rail Safety Statistics by EC ERA was accompanied by an introduction to UIC’s excellent Safety Database.

The presentation of a member company was focused on Ukraine Railway (UZ), its corporate government, statistics service and key performance indicators.

In the final part, the plenary meeting of the Statistics Group approved the plan of activities, surveys and reports, the meetings of the Steering Committee and key projects for the year 2019.

Please visit RAILISA at http://uic-stats.uic.org/ and send any comments to stat@uic.org

UIC members are invited to continue providing data using our online tool: http://stats.uic.org/

For further information please visit uic.org/statistics or contact stat@uic.org

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