Tuesday 29 January 2019

Kazakhstan: The locomotive repair programme has been fully carried out

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The locomotive repair programme aiming to improve the reliability of railway equipment was fully implemented in 2018.

More than 9,500 planned maintenance and repairs of main and shunting locomotives of different series were carried out in 2018. This included major repair work and extension of service life to 46 locomotives of the VL-80 and ChME series.

As part of the implementation of the plan of measures to improve the technical condition of locomotives on an ongoing basis, audits are being conducted on the quality of repairs. The monitoring of locomotive maintenance points (PTOL) and service centres for their provision with locksmith tools, measuring devices and other equipment is being carried out. Employees of PTOL, service centres, as well as locomotive crews are being trained in maintenance and troubleshooting of locomotive units.

Before the journey and during stops at railway stations, the locomotive crew inspects locomotives, assesses the condition of the mounts, responsible units, assemblies and parts. Inspection of the braking equipment, automatic couplers, speed gauges, automatic locomotive signalling and wheel pairs is also carried out.

(Source: KTZ)

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