Tuesday 26 February 2019

Kazakhstan: KTZ NC JSC and Kazapo will join forces to improve Transportation activities

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The General Meeting of the Kazakhstan Association of carriers and operators of wagons (containers) (Kazapo) in Almaty discussed the issues of improving the efficiency of the transportation process in the context of the measures proposed by KTZ NC JSC for doing business and solving existing problems.

The First Deputy Chairman of the Board of KTZ NC JSC Kanat Almagambetov informed the members of the Association about the main directions of the new strategy of the Company to improve production processes and strengthen its financial stability.
According to K. Almagambetov, the changes will affect the regulatory environment, tariff policy, and the organisational structure will be simplified. KTZ NC JSC will only profile companies associated with the main activity. KTZ in the new organisational structure is the national cargo carrier, which performs the functions of dispatching. Regarding the structure of the Company JSC “mzhs” (infrastructure) will be created, all revenues and expenses of which will be completely autonomous, without flows to/from other subsidiaries.

Under the new conditions, the role of the car fleet operator - JSC “Kaztemirtrans”, whose aim is to provide customer focus, availability and increased profitability, and is set to work with maximum efficiency to attract new customers, is significantly enhanced. All processes will be automated and simplified. Contracts can already be concluded online. Answers to all business applications will be provided within 24 hours.

At the General Meeting the problems of operator business were discussed. Concerning the need to develop common positions of Kazakhstan in the development of normative legal acts approved by CSET and OSJD, the Director General of kazapo cooperation S. Atambaeva. L. Smirnova, Deputy Chairman of the Board of TRANSCOM LLP, spoke about the development and application of contracts regulating the main aspects of the relationship between the national carrier and the operator of cars. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LLP “Tengiztransgas” Yu. Schneidmüller considers important legislative regulation of the process of current uncoupling repair (TOR) of cars in the event of a malfunction in the route.

The meeting noted the successful cooperation of JSC NC KTZ and Kazapo to develop effective approaches to improve the transportation process.

“We must jointly find a compromise to solve common problems,” Almagambetov said in this regard and stressed that “KTZ is a national company that works for consumers of transport services and all participants of transportation activities.”

(Source: KTZ)

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