Tuesday 12 March 2019

Czech Republic: SŽDC launches complete reconstruction of Letohrad railway station

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On 1 March, the reconstruction of Letohrad railway station in the Pardubice Region is being launched, consisting in a complete rebuilding of the trackage and platforms. Construction works will be provided by the company “Rekonstrukce žst. Letohrad” with its associate companies “Chládek a Tintěra Pardubice” and “Elektrizace železnic Praha”. The total cost comes to CZK 851 million.

The reconstruction of Letohrad railway station will increase infrastructure capacity and decrease noise caused by passing trains. “An additional asset will be a decrease of journey times and savings of operation costs for infrastructure and traffic control. At the same time, railway transport safety will increase as well”, said Mr Jiří Svoboda, Director General of Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC), which is the investor of this whole project.

Over the next 15 months, reconstruction of the current trackage and the catenary will take place; an underpass for passengers under the whole railway station will be built as well as new centre platforms. These will be barrier-free; access for persons with reduced mobility or for passengers with prams will be covered by lifts. Train speed passing through Letohrad Station on main running tracks will increase from current 50 – 70 kph up to 80 kph. The station will acquire a new camera and information system. Railway crossings are going to be reconstructed as well; barriers will be added to three of them, two more in the direction of Žamberk will be safeguarded by light warning signals.

Due to a fundamental character of this important railway junction reconstruction, impacts of closure works on railway operation will be extensive as well. As of 1 June, closures of separate station tracks will start, continuing gradually from the passenger building in the direction of Kunčice based on the underpass construction. From next April to June, continuous closures on both track developments at the railway station will take place.

(Source: SZDC)

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