Tuesday 23 April 2019

UIC visits RZD traffic control centre on 22 April 2019

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Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, and François Davenne, Deputy Director General, visited the RZD traffic control centre on 22 April.

This impressive facility monitors in a single room all operations on the Russian network, both for freight and passenger traffic on the 86,000 km of the network.

François Davenne called it an “organisational masterpiece”. Indeed on top of the complexity, it requires the organisation at each stage of the network of the good level of subsidiarity.

Actions should be taken at the local level when possible while it is always possible to the monitoring facility to give instructions when needed, since this central node has a considerable experience of problem resolution.

A special control department is managing this process that requires collecting and sharing information at national level. In a few figures, each day 5000 passenger trains are operated and roughly the same number of freight trains are carry 3.5 M tons.

The photos shows that we have centralised monitoring tools that gather, centralise and redispatch the essential operational information over the network.

It is food for thought for those who are trying to imagine how to foster the efficiency of management of very long freight corridors, especially taking in account that the delegation was told that in the coming month the functionalities of the monitoring centre would be completely upgraded.

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