Tuesday 28 May 2019

Germany: DB at transport logistics trade fair in Munich

Deutsche Bahn to showcase innovations that will transform logistics

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DB will be at the transport logistics trade fair in Munich from 4 – 7 June, represented by DB Schenker, DB Cargo, DB Netz, DB Energie and DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung. It will be showcasing innovations and logistics solutions being developed for customers by each of the companies. Its theme this year will be #logisticsconnected – shaping the future.

“DB will present digital developments and a wide range of innovations at the largest international trade fair in the industry,” said Alexander Doll, Member of the Management Board for Finance, Freight Transport and Logistics. “We want to be a reliable partner for our customers in the logistics, freight transport and infrastructure segments now and in the future. We have set out to implement new ideas and innovative technology to become better, day after day,” he added.

From autonomous driving to artificial intelligence

DB Schenker is making tomorrow’s logistics and mobility available now to its customers around the globe. It will present the world’s first autonomous electric truck, the T-Pod, to a wide industry audience in Germany for the first time. The T-Pod was developed in cooperation with Einride, a Swedish startup. It is the world’s first truck approved for commercial use on public roads. DB Schenker is also making B2B logistics easier than ever before with a new digital booking platform called “connect 4.0.” The platform allows customers to price, order and track consignments online. ProGlove, a scanning glove, is revolutionizing work in large warehouses, making scanning goods faster, easier and more reliable. And thanks to gamification, employee training is becoming more exciting and targeted.

Innovative and digital: rail freight transport of the future

A miniature railway at the DB Cargo booth will demonstrate what smart freight cars equipped with sensors can do for customers. The new link2rail platform will also make its trade fair debut at DB Cargo’s booth. Visitors will get a behind-the-scenes look at this online portal, which aims to improve communication. The platform is gradually being expanded to include new services and features. In addition, experts from the different industries will share information about the many different transport products and services offered. Anything is possible by rail – from customized, multimodal door-to-door solutions to rail links to China. An interactive network map at the booth will show the advantages of the European freight railroad and DB Cargo’s business activities in 17 countries. Guests will see just how serious DB Cargo is about pursuing its modernization course as part of the Agenda for better rail at the outdoor exhibition area, where the state-of-the-art Vectron MS multisystem locomotive will be on display. Eighty of these locomotives are already in use, with 20 more on the way by the end of the year. Two innovative freight cars – a multifunction flat car and a double-decker autorack car – will be among the highlights.

Timetables and more

DB Netz and its co-exhibitors, Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene-Straße (DUSS) and DB Energie, will show off the new and the familiar at transport logistic. Their booth will cover a diverse range of topics, including core track and asset products, capacitive improvements to the network, new digital applications for sales, timetable planning and more. This year, DB Netz’s trade fair appearance will be tailored more specifically to the needs of rail companies. Open expert talks will be held during the entire trade fair, where managers and experts will explain hot topics such as digital infrastructure development and refurbishment of high-speed lines. June 5 will be dedicated to timetables and will feature discussions, presentations and new IT applications.

DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung (DB FZI), DB’s heavy maintenance provider, will be showcasing innovations such as Tag4Trace, a product that enables seamless tracing of vehicles and components. Its new online platform eService and its resale site for spare parts and rail vehicles dbresale.com will also be featured. The booth will also showcase a state-of-the-art 3D printing process, which can make spare parts available more quickly. The outdoor track exhibits will give visitors insights into energy-efficient modernization of a switching locomotive from the Hybrid Electronic Mechanical Shunter (HELMS) project.

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