Tuesday 4 June 2019

Rail Freight Forward at transport logistic 2019 in Munich

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  • The RFF Initiative for strengthening rail freight transport will take pride of place at the fair from 4 – 7 June
  • Noah’s Train on display at Munich’s Ostbahnhof
  • The train is growing: SBB Cargo presents containers with new animal motifs
  • Support the movement and take a selfie with Noah’s Train

Monkeys, bears, flamingos, crabs – they are all on the environmental ambassador known as Noah’s Train. As a reminder: European railway companies and stakeholders have joined forces to create the Rail Freight Forward Initiative (RFF), and together they are strengthening Europe’s rail freight transport network. This means fewer CO2 emissions, less energy consumption, less air pollution and fewer acci-dents; all whilst making freight transport safer and more secure. This is RFF’s début at transport logistic – the world’s largest trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management – and RFF will be spreading the word : Driving a train through Europe must become as easy as driving a truck through Europe. However, the primary objective is to make to a large number of stakeholders aware that exist-ing transport policies only lead to a transport mix that is far from ideal. What is more, RFF will demon-strate how the existing transport mix can be optimised in the interests of society and of the European economy; and that in the not-too-distant future.

Noah’s Train at transport logistic
Noah’s Train is the expression of Rail Freight Forward’s Vision 2030, and highlights our commitment to protecting the environment. The train – Europe’s longest mobile work of art – has been on the move since December 2018. It has already made stops in Poland, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium and Italy. Just last week, Noah’s Train made its way to the ITF in Leipzig, and guests at the R20 Austrian World Summit had the pleasure of seeing the Train’s flamingo container right outside the Hofburg in Vienna on 28 May. Rail Freight Forward and Noah’s Train are going to be at the transport logistic fair in Munich from 4 – 7 June. The entire train will also be on display at Munich’s Ostbahnhof on 4 June. One container will be situated directly at the entrance to the fair. What is more, a podium discussion and press conference with all of the CEOs of each partnering rail company will take place at the SBB Cargo stand on 5 June. On this occasion, SBB will unveil the latest container it has designed for Noah’s Train.
Visitors are invited to take a selfie with the containers, to support the Initiative and to join us in becom-ing ambassadors for the environment. After the fair in Munich, Noah’s Train will continue on its journey to Luxembourg, where it will receive a warm welcome on 10 July.

Rail Freight Forward
Rail Freight Forward represents the collaboration of European rail freight companies that have made it their goal to drastically reduce the negative effects of freight transport and mobility on our planet by means of innovation and an intelligent transport mix.

The goal of this collaboration is to increase the proportion of rail freight transport in the modal split by 30% by 2030. Rail Freight Forward wants railway and infrastructure companies as well as policymakers throughout Europe to get involved, so that we can make this modal shift become a reality. As a large-scale and ever-expanding collaboration of rail freight transport companies, Rail Freight Forward is sup-ported by the CER, UIC, ERFA (European Rail Freight Association) and VDV (Association of German Transport Committee).

Currently, BLS Cargo, CD Cargo, CFL Cargo, DB Cargo, GreenCargo, Lineas, LTE Group, Mercitalia, Ost-West Logistik, PKP Cargo, Rail Cargo Group, SBB Cargo, SNCF Logistics, ZSSK Cargo are on board.

Rail Cargo Group: Freight traffic of the ÖBB
The Rail Cargo Group is one of the leading rail logistics companies in Europe with annual sales of 2.3 billion euros and 8,500 employees. Together with strong partners, the Rail Cargo Group offers a com-prehensive network of end-to-end-logistics in Europe and far beyond to Asia. It connects European conurbations and ports with prosperous economic centres in Russia, Turkey and all the way to China. The Rail Cargo Group’s lead operating company is Rail Cargo Austria AG.

ÖBB: Austria’s largest mobility service provider
As a comprehensive mobility service provider, the ÖBB Group brings 474 million passengers and 113 million tons of goods to their destinations in an environmentally friendly manner every year. Rail pas-sengers travel in a particularly climate-friendly manner. This is because 100 percent of the traction power comes from renewable energy sources. In 2018, ÖBB was one of the most punctual railways in Europe with around 96 percent punctuality. Throughout the Group, 41,641 railway and bus employees and an additional 1,900 apprentices ensure that around 1.3 million passengers arrive safely at their destinations every day. The Group’s strategic lead company is ÖBB-Holding AG.

(Source: ÖBB)

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