Tuesday 9 July 2019

China: Leshan-Yibin Section of Chengdu-Guiyang Railway opened to traffic

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The Leshan-Yibin section of the Chengdu-Guiyang Railway officially opened to traffic on 15 June 2019. This is the first HSR built in a mountainous area according to the Guide to the Construction of Green Railway Corridors.

The Leshan-Yibin section starts from Leshan City of Sichuan Province, passes through Qianwei and Pinshan, and arrives at Yibin West Station.

It totals 141km and has a design speed of 250km/h. The Chengdu-Guiyang Railway starts from the Sichuan Basin, and runs southeast through the Wumeng Mountain Area. This railway is of great significance for poverty alleviation and economic growth in the area.

The Chengdu-Guiyang Railway is an important part of the Lanzhou-Guangzhou Corridor. It connects Xi’an-Chengdu HSR at Chengdu and links Guiyang-Guangzhou HSR and Shanghai-Kunming HSR at Guiyang.

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