Tuesday 22 October 2019

“Caminos de Hierro”, the contest that brings photographers and the railways together

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The Spanish Railway Foundation has launched the 30th edition of the “Caminos de Hierro” photo contest, with the deadline to submit photographs fixed for 21 January 2020. This initiative aims to encourage photographic creativity with the railway as the central figure through its passengers, stations, trains, tracks, tunnels, metros…, and the world of railways in general.

The competition has become one of the most prestigious contests at national and international level, and is highly valued by professionals and amateurs in the photography world, reflected in the constant increase in participation.

The contest is aimed at both professional and amateur photographers, national and international. It is worth over 8,000€ in prizes, with the first prize being 4,000€; the second one 2,000€; 1,200€ for young photographers (contestants aged 25 in 2019 or younger may compete); and four commendation prizes of 300€ each.

In the preselection phase, the photographs must be submitted in digital format and exclusively via the form available on the website: www.caminosdehierro.es (jpg, maximum 1.5 MB). Regarding photographic series, they must comprise three, four or five photographs all included in one single file.

The final selection will include 70 photographs, to be published in a catalogue and to be exhibited in spaces defined by the Foundation.

The Jury’s decision, the awards ceremony and the opening of the first exhibition with the awarded and selected photographs will take place in April 2020. This exhibition will tour the country, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy it at several Spanish stations from May 2020 to December 2021. The tour is conducted in collaboration with Adif (Railway Infrastructure Manager) through its Programa Estación Abierta.

The quality of the works, the value of the prizes, the massive attendance of visitors at the exhibitions in station halls or impact in the media are the pillars upon which this activity of the Spanish Railway Foundation is based, whose strength has grown in pace with the artistic value of photography in our country.

Since its inception, 35,000 photographers from Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and other European countries as well as from Africa, America and Asia, have participated with 79,000 photographs.

Those interested can visit the contest website to consult the complete rules, submit the photographs in digital format or get detailed information on “Caminos de Hierro”, as well as access all the awarded photographs of the previous 29 editions.

“Caminos de Hierro” has an Instagram profile to promote its dissemination on social media: @caminosdehierro_ffe.

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(Source: FFE)

For further information please consult the website: www.caminosdehierro.es - cultura@ffe.es

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